Manny The Selfie Cat Ready on 1,2,3 Go!

Be ready on the count of three. #selfie 

What Should We Call it?

Would you care to know this kitty, tell a friend about it

Check out my pet sleeping

Always sleeping. lol...

Freedom outside in park

This cuties are seen outside running around and have nothing to say but show us a very bright reflection and send this to a friend...

Care for a Diamond Kitty scratch?

Care for a Kitty scratch and in return you get all the diamond. hahahaha, got you there. lol

So nice to relax and look out of the window

Cute cats

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M O R N I N G 😻

Relax Kitty              Fact About Cat And Lovers of Cat

M O R N I N G 😻

Relax Kitty              Fact About Cat And Lovers of Cat

Facts About Cats

Cats usually right-handed, and cats - left-hander. Among the owners of cats 🐱 17% more people with advanced degrees. 🐱 Cats do not feel the sweet taste. 🐱 Men who have cats, considered to be more happy in love. 🐱 brain cat like a human. For cats emotions meet the same portions as in humans. 🐱 cats rub on people to mark them as its territory. 🐱 Excessive love of cats is called aylurofiliey. 🐱 Cats have their owners reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by a third. 🐱 In general, cats have a lower social the IQ, than dogs, but they can solve more complex cognitive tasks when they are interested. 🐱 Cats often lactose intolerant, so they stop giving milk!